Directed vs undirected writing

Directed writing — when writing for a specific audience with a specific aim in mind. For example, a blog to bring viewers to a website, an article to present an argument or change someone’s opinion.

Undirected writing — writing things that come into your head without any particular aim or agenda in mind.

Directed writing follows the following process:

  • what am I trying to achieve?
  • what shall I write about?
  • how shall I write about it?

Undirected writing follows the process:

  • that’s an interesting idea
  • start writing about it
  • (no/limited consideration of the wider relevance)

I’m experimenting with undirected writing at the moment. One of the advantages is low activation energy to start writing, meaning it is easy to produce a constant flow of ideas and writing. One of the disadvantages is that it will get fewer reads and some people won’t “get it” (due to a lack of consideration of the audience by the writer).

Data Scientist + Junior Doctor in London, Cambridge medicine grad, striving to improve healthcare through technology and education.

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