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Right now, I want to write.

This may change in a few years, a few weeks or even at the end of this post.

I might decide it’s a waste of time, that it’s too embarrassing or too narcissistic. That the pros are outweighed by the cons.

Part of me hopes this is the case: Alain de Botton says

“if you’re not embarrassed by what you were doing 1 year ago, you’re not growing fast enough”.

But that’s not how I feel right now. Right now I feel conviction that this is what I should do and I am highly motivated to do so.

Yet any conviction is just an opinion and is subject to change.

“The only thing that I know is that I know nothing for certain.”

Accepting that this feeling may not last forever helps me to make the most of it. It means I should throw myself into it to gain as much as I can the moment. If I want to write, I will write voraciously. If, in a year’s time, I decide I’m finished with writing, I will have a lot more to show for it if I use the momentum as best I can. I will have learnt a lot more and produced more good work.

In other areas

This is true in writing but also in everything.

When we feel passion in an area, we should capitalise on it by throwing all our energy towards it. The flame will go out at some point, and the extent to which we ride the wave will determine how much we get out of it.

Maybe it’s making music or writing poetry.

Maybe it’s writing a blog about your thoughts and feelings.

Maybe it’s being more open or passionate in friendships or relationships.

In any passion, there’s no point half-assing it. That’s a guarantee that you will never stand out from the crowd and never make a significant contribution.

We may look back and think it was a mistake or feel embarrassed. We may dismiss it as bad judgement. But the one thing we shouldn’t feel is regret. We will have learnt. As the cliché goes:

“it is always better to make mistakes, than not to try at all”.

Data Scientist + Junior Doctor in London, Cambridge medicine grad, striving to improve healthcare through technology and education.

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