Using feedback to become a better writer

#21. Formally assessing my writing and encouraging feedback from others

I wrote before about the importance of feedback — it is a fundamental requirement for the learning cycle.

I want to be excellent at expressing my ideas with clarity through writing. I also want to write great content which is original.

To help me in this pursuit, feedback from myself and others is invaluable:

Feedback from others

I discussed this in the first post. Ideally a short feedback form would pop up immediately after the reader finishes an article, however this would involve time investment to make. For now, I will settle with broader feedback in the form of likes/recommendations and comments (I deliberately do not look at viewing stats).

Feedback from myself

In the past I have not used a formal system to provide myself feedback, other than a general impression of how happy I am with each post.

My main aims in writing are to write well, which primarily consists of good clarity, as well as contributing positively to others, which involves good content which is original.

Therefore from now on, at the end of each article, I will give myself a score out of 5 in content, clarity and originality (in that order).

Starting today. 2/4/3.

Data Scientist + Junior Doctor in London, Cambridge medicine grad, striving to improve healthcare through technology and education.

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