We will never be those kids again

I recently attended a ‘speed poetry’ class where we were given different instructions (e.g. look at a photo/object and write about it) and then had a 5 minute time limit to write our poem.

Below is a poem that I wrote when asked to think of an object in the room and write about what comes to mind (what do you think the object is?):

A device

That measures our life

How long have we had?

How long have we got left?

It speaks from moment to moment


At times too fast

At others too slow

But never stopping

Even the moments we wish to experience for eternity

It will not obey

They fade to memories

A compass

Of time, rather than space

We can delude ourselves

By twisting its cogs and thus its will

Demanding it to show us what we want

But we are only fooling ourselves

We will never be those kids again.

Data Scientist + Junior Doctor in London, Cambridge medicine grad, striving to improve healthcare through technology and education. chrislovejoy.me

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